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Rain-drenched Visage: +25 to Attractive Broodiness, trufax


Rain-drenched Visage: +25 to Attractive Broodiness, trufax

Video Game Challenge | Video Games [5/7] | Mass Effect
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still alive, sweet pea


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i found my wedding cake


i found my wedding cake

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I don’t understand this perception that Katara hasn’t been given a chance to be the wise old elder.  

Like, in S1, we see her being Korra’s waterbending teacher.  One of the opening scenes of the whole series is of Korra at her firebending trials, and the White Lotus experts turning to Katara for her eval of Korra.  And the scene with Katara giving Korra her blessing before Katara sneaks off, where it’s superclear that firebrand Korra respects Katara and where we, the watchers are supposed to be like T____T THIS IS THE FUCKING SYMBOLIC HANDING OVER OF THE TORCH THIS IS KORRA’S STORY NOW.  Still, though, in S2, when we go back to Katara?  She is healing rebels and holding down the fucking fort, and the fams brings Jinora to her in a panic because everybody knows Grandma is the best healer around.

And yet, because she gave birth decades before anything we see in the shown and is shown as being sad when family leaves/when their visits are cut short — then what, none of that counts?  She’s automatically a sad babymaker?

I mean, would it have been awesome if the show had more stuff about the adventures of Katara, awesome old lady? Yeah.  And I would’ve fucking loved more Zuko and Katara interaction.  That is a giant missed narrative opportunity.  And hey, it would’ve been nice if she had some scenes that didn’t involve her family. 

But it’s Korra’s show now.  The show is no longer about Katara being badass, and the whole idea that Katara’s screentime has been insufficient to establish that she is an awesome secondary character only works, as far as I can tell, if you believe things like KATARA DOESN’T HAVE BADASS FIGHT SCENES SO SHE ISN’T BADASS or KATARA IS MOSTLY SHOWN HEALING PEOPLE NOW AND THAT ISN’T COOL or KATARA IS UNABLE TO HEAL EVERYBODY BROUGHT TO HER or OTHER PEOPLE BESIDES KATARA GIVE GOOD ADVICE/ARE SHOWN AS BEING MODELS IN ORDER TO BE BADASS, KATARA MUST HAVE ALL OR A MAJORITY OF ALL THE CHANCES TO BE WISE ELDER.  

Which is.  Weird as hell to me.  

On top of that, I am not down with the idea that even if all Katara had ever, ever done in the series was, y’know.  Have kids, raise them so that they turned out to be largely decent humans, and then was sad when they left?  That, like, that would be somehow a shitty, invalid story to tell about Katara?  I mean, it’s questionable when it’s the ONLY story that gets told in a narrative about ladies, but that ain’t Korra, with all the delightful stuff we get about Korra and Asami and the Bei-Fongs and the Earth Queen and all the baddie ladies of this season.  Ladies can be sad.  Ladies can be babymakers.  They can be sad babymakers. That is not an inherently shitty role to have for a lady character, and if that had been the only fucking thing Katara was shown onscreen doing in the whole series, I’d still get up in arms about people being dismissive about it/reducing her to that.

But it’s not.  And it’s really irritating to me when people reduce a woman who did super-rad stuff back in the day and continues to do, on-screen, all kinds of rad stuff get, like.  Y’know.  Reduced down to “sad babymaker” by fans who think they are advocating for her or cool stories about women. 

(And, like I don’t remember the bit where she asks Zuko about Aang, possibly because I haven’t gotten there yet in the episodes, but just because you’re married to someone doesn’t mean that you know every single thing about them.  

Yeah, Katara knows Aang really well at the end of ATLA, but we are a long-ass time out from that.  They were married to each other a long time.  Given the stuff that the show has implied about the characters from ATLA changing as they grew up, like how Toph gave a shit about breaking the rules/laws in Republic City, and Aang being kinda shit at being a father because he is so invested in Air Nation revival?  I’m 1000% OK with the suggestion that Aang may have invested in world politics/power brokering with Zuko at the expense of emotional closeness to Katara. )


This is gonna be fun. 


Let’s take this back to the “Sadbabymaker” comment I made before we even get into anything else since this seems to be the buzzword that’s upsetting you and so many others. 

The sad baby maker comment is a tongue-in-cheek comment on how Katara’s character is being handled by the creators. It’s for a number of reasons

1)Pushing Katara’s character back to “womanly” roles despite her being a master and a woman.

2)Katara’s lack of intervention for whatever reason to the feelings that her kids have toward Aang

3)Katara’s lack of action of outside accomplishments between ATLA and LOK


One of the big themes in ATLA was that a woman/girl could be both a woman and a warrior. There was no dichotomy because the two weren’t mutually exclusive. Katara’s major growth wasn’t so outward like Suki’s expression of it but it was still the same. Even with her being her waterbending teacher, we hear that Katara is one of the greatest HEALERS, not one of the greatest waterbenders which is would include both combat and healing. Katara wasn’t on Toph level of innovation but she was able to bloodbend without the aid of the moon and at that time she was one of the greatest and even in the story line in season one, Amon’s powers weren’t introduced so Katara was still one of the strong waterbenders that we as the viewer know about.

Subtle/not so subtle declarations like “I learned healing from Katara” or sending Korra and Jinora to Katara or anything that pushed Katara’s skill sets into into just healer or as if her  legacy is healing pushes Katara back into healer role that we remember she didn’t want at all in Season 1 of ATLA. Without any visual or spoken cues in the show (a bad hip or her or someone else saying something) that her interests or needs for waterbending have shifted from the combative to the healing side of bending then we can’t make an assumption that her character has changed that much even with age. Because we have to remember, she only learned healing by accident when she dipped her hands in the after getting burned. This wasn’t a skill she was out to learn or master, she wanted to learn to fight.  As writers Bryan and Mike have to make those things clear when you make such a huge time skip like that with very little filler material to fill out the change in the characters if you have them still alive. Literally a line or something would have made it clearer if that was the case.

She is a master and yet we see very little of her influence OUTSIDE of healing and that’s a crying shame because Katara is an amazing water bender that just like everyone else in their group used waterbending in unique and sometimes terrifying ways in order to win. Hell, if we’d seen Korra use the water engulfing technique where she freezes someone in ice like Katara did with Azula then we would have known, without them taking time out of the story, to know that Katara also taught Korra combat. 


This is just a major annoyance again with the huge gap in the characters ages from one show to another. Tenzin, Bumi II and Kya have a lot of dysfunction in season 2 in the form of how Aang treated them differently because Tenzin was an air bender and the other two weren’t. The other two may not have been benders but they were still his kids and therefore the air nation was still their culture just like the water tribe is a part of Tenzin culture (Showing that Bryan and Mike don’t know dick about mixed race/culture families in thinking that an outward expression ((In this case bending)) denotes belonging to one part of a person’s heritage) There is nothing written in the story to show how Katara felt or what she had to say about what was going on and how they as adults felt about it. The only thing we really got from Katara a very confusing sad glance (the sad part in the sad baby maker comment) toward her kids when they were bickering about something in season 2 at the table. She’s just holding one of her grandbabies and making a sad face that is not explored further. Is she sad about her kids relationship? Does she miss Sokka because she misses her sibling relationship? Does she miss Aang because those are their children and they remind her of him? We don’t know? When all this family drama is going down in season 2 we get no word from Katara who is there but not there. 

We can’t really assume how she felt and that’s really the time in literally almost every story where the widow or widower helps the children deal with their issues over their dead parent. There is no reason she shouldn’t have been apart of that healing process because she is also their parent. If he messed up and hurt them and if she knew or was oblivious it’s still her responsibility as the other parent to say something about their part or lack there of in the problem. 

Basically all we see as that she birthed the babies so that Aang could have a air bender child and ignore the rest??


Biggest of all pet peeves and literally I can ignore everything else if this wasn’t a problem. Aang, Zuko, Sokka, Toph and even the Cabbage guy all have statues somewhere. Aang, Zuko, Sokka and Toph have all done something grand to contribute to republic city. Even if she didn’t do anything in republic city does she have an waterbending school in the Southern Tribe? Is she a member of the White Lotus or a founder for the compound(she’s not wearing a white lotus uniform)? Is she a council or leader in the water tribe? (Sokka has a statue down in the water tribes but not her) Other than having Aang’s children what did she do?

But I know what you’re thinking

Waaaahhhhtt motherhood isn’t not an accomplishment. It’s not bad! You are saying mothers aren’t as good as blah blah!

Listen. If it was just Katara then MAYBE I wouldn’t have a problem but let’s compare Katara to Pema. Pema is also just a mother to more airbenders. We know Pema was an air acoylte and beyond that we don’t anything about her character really. She doesn’t have any major roles other that being the mother of new airbenders (how she was greeted not as a former acolyte just as an airbender maker really) 

But let’s go and compare even more mothers in LOK to Katara. Again, we got a better sense of damn Mako and Bolin’s father than we did of their mother. We even so far got to meet the entire side of their dad’s family and still know nothing about their mom. Who is so far just a mom. 

But wait. There’s more. Asami, we know more about Asami’s father than we do her mother. She’s dead just like Mako and Bolin’s folks but this woman we know so little about it’s embarrassing. We just know she was Asami’s mom. 

Bonus round. Even Korra’s mother. She’s also just a mother. Her husband is again the center in the plot though we do get to see more of her character than the other mothers in the show. She’s even a waterbender and yet we don’t even see her waterbend. 

Katara along with the other mothers (aside from Toph) in LOK are just that. They are mothers. Once they become mothers their importance in the story is really side stepped for for their more action oriented husbands and children. 

Her being a “sad baby maker” is a real problem that it’s not ME reducing her to but the story line reducing her to it. 

Please people, stop being so myopic and trying to over analyze my words and instead APPLY them to the problems in the story. Cause I can literally keep going on and on but I’d be repeating myself. 

Cap’n is so on point.

Adding on to this… Book 2 was such a huge waste of Katara’s potential as Korra’s advisor. There is a war brewing in Katara’s town, which is barely out of another devastating war. Korra has the power to stop this. Yet, not a single character suggests asking the war veteran/possibly oldest SWT resident/master bender/former activist/alleged elder with power and influence in society who happens to live DOWN THE STREET for advice about the impending war. There was not a single character in the SWT more qualified to help Korra strategize. There was not a single character in the SWT who better understood Korra’s fears about the SWT being destroyed (since Katara had y’know, actually witnessed what Korra was imagining). Katara was not treated as a wise old elder, she was treated SOLELY as a healer. The woman who said she will never EVER turn her back on people who need her (mind you, this was about some people she knew for 2 days) turned her back on her tribe.

As we saw in Book 3, Korra getting advice from the GAang doesn’t need to be long. While I would have loved a three episode arc dedicated to Korra and Katara scene time, I acknowledge time constraints are real. In Book 3, Korra’s exchange with Zuko was only a few lines, but it helped Korra. Korra could have EASILY had a similar interaction with Katara at any point in the first half of Book 2.

In addition to Katara being pretty knowledgeable about war, Katara is also pretty knowledgeable about Avatar training (since she’s now trained two Avatars, twice as many as anyone in the entire world). That was also a big part at the beginning of Book 2, with Korra pulling away from Tenzin and Tonraq. Considering that Katara was Korra’s teacher and saw Korra on the compound regularly, Katara probably knew quite a bit about why Korra was locked up as a kid. Again, instead of Katara for some details (or shunning Katara for being complacent in this plan), everyone pretends Katara doesn’t exist.

Even if you accept that Katara is no longer a fighter, but a healer and mother only, then her absence at the end of Book 3 makes absolutely no sense. What could Katara possibly be doing that is more important than witnessing her granddaughter become a master? Senna was there, so transportation from the SWT is feasible. The ceremony was open to non-airbenders, so Katara could have been in the room. Zuko was there for some unknown reason.

Plus, Katara is the best healer in the world now according to LoK but wasn’t called upon to see if she could heal Korra (nor her own children who still look pretty banged up)? Even if Katara’s attempts didn’t work, a line acknowledging Katara tried would have made all the difference. Asami reassuring Korra by saying, “you know Katara is reading all of the ancient healing texts she can find to see if there’s anything else she can do to help you.” Raiko saying, “how does the world know this isn’t permanent? Even the best healer in the world couldn’t fix you.” (everyone shoots Raiko the nastiest glare ever for saying this) Bumi taking off his sling and Kya saying, “Bumi, don’t do that! Mom did the best she could but we’re still going to have to wait a couple of weeks. You’re going to make yourself worse.”

I feel like every book, Katara becomes maddeningly less important. In Book 1, she’s Korra’s waterbending teacher. In Book 2, Katara is just a great healer and caring grandmother, no acknowledgement of training Korra or being a war vet. In Book 3, Katara’s not around to heal nor celebrate her granddaughter’s big day.

I worry that Katara will somehow have an even smaller role in Book 4.

Tell the guards to open up the gates!

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The Disney Renaissance + concept art

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Two words. Anger management.

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When I saw ‘Blastoise and Charizard FIGHT’ I wasn’t expecting this

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